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It is a popular notion that when you plant a tree, you save a life. It may not always be possible for common homeowners to their landscapes on a regular basis. We only tend to deal with them when things have gone astray or when there is a serious problem, which can sometimes lead to further problems. To save time and energy, you can hire professional services so that you have the peace of mind that the tree issue will be handled with care and precision while following the industry standards. It can be a single service or an ongoing process, which will ensure that your trees grow healthily.

Even though a tree seems always to be an enhancing factor, certain problems may arise if the tree begins to rot or has some problem that can pose a threat to the surrounding area. In these cases removing the trees completely can be an effective solution. Some of the services that one can utilize, which are a part of the tree service, include:

Tree removal
Tree trimming
Stump removal
Mowing, and

When you are calling on the professionals to look into your tree issue, you should be thorough about the problem and should have an idea on the kind of solution you need, so that you can work with them on then the most suitable solution. This way, you can revive the tree’s health or fix the issue so that you, your property and the community is at peace. Many services are provided by the tree servicing company, but you have to make sure to choose the right one so that you get the best value for your money and that your landscapes look healthy and well maintained.

With the help of the professional tree service, you will be able to get rid of all the problems that might be arising from the tree and be recommended with solutions that will not only increase the longevity of the tree but will also help to keep it healthy. What you should consider is hire the services of the best tree services in Chicago IL, so that all tree issues are dealt with and solved at the earliest, so that you can get favorable results. If you have trouble in finding the best provider, you can search the Internet, ask for referrals or refer to the Yellow Pages.

There are various things that you can get from the provider, but you have to make sure to hire only the best so that your landscaping needs are met, and you have a lush landscape. This will ensure that you’re not losing your energy and time and prevent yours from the hassles that come with hiring someone who is incompetent and does not have adequate experience. Besides, when you are spending money, you would like to see it being utilized well. Professional services will ensure just that.

A good tree service agency should not hesitate to reach out to their customers and assess the condition before they begin working. At the same time, they should also provide a free estimate so that the customer has an idea on how much they will have to spend on the servicing process. This way, they will have a good idea of what they’re getting into, can compare it with other service providers and use the one that will satisfy their budget and requirements.


Choose the best tree services Chicago IL, so that your tree issues are carefully dealt with at affordable prices and the earliest convenience.

Choosing The Right Mulch For Your Garden

People new to gardening often overlook the importance of selecting the right mulch for their garden. Some factors are quite obvious, while others have not been thought of. Below are some factors that you need to keep in mind when you hit the garden store for mulch:

1. Choose a mulch that does not promote the depletion of nitrogen. Nitrogen is a very important (and essential) nutrient that needs to be in your soil. However, this nutrient can be scarce depending on the type of mulch used.

A good example would be using finely chopped mulch, like sawdust. There are microorganisms that are responsible for decomposing this sawdust while at the same time they seriously deplete it of nitrogen that is needed for your plants. In time, if your perennials and other flowers are living in this type of mulch, the lack of nitrogen will cause them to become “chlorotic”, or yellow in color, which is the result of a nutrition deficiency.

Should the rest of your garden start the same chlorotic signs, then it is time to consider that you have a nitrogen depletion problem. A good way to fix this is to add approximately 2 pounds of complete fertilizer spread out for every 100 ft. Spread the fertilizer all around your soil and then lay down your mulch. If you are not facing a nutritional deficiency in your garden then you can also use this technique as a preventative measure against nitrogen depletion.

2. Another factor to consider when buying mulch is its flammability. This is one of those situations that most gardeners rarely consider. However, many fires are started in garden areas due to smokers flicking their cigarettes when they are done. This is especially true if you have created a garden area around an office building or some other public area.

Dropped cigarettes and lit matches can easily set off mulches that are organic. Even if your garden is created in your backyard and is totally personal, you still may want to consider flammability as a possible hazard in case anybody does come over and has a cigarette or two. Fire dangers include hay, pine needles, recycled mulches, and straw.

3. Last but not least, be careful when using organic mulches in areas that are poorly drained and gather up moisture easily. These low-lying wet areas may collect gallons of water which can produce toxic chemicals due to the decomposition that is occurring. These chemicals are a danger to your perennials and other flowers because of its toxicity. If the garden area you are considering is already prone to this type of water build up, then adding mulch is not a good idea and will only slow down the soil’s process of drying out.